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Naxos Island

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades complex in the Aegean Sea. Naxos Island provides easy access from Naxos Port and Naxos Airport. Upon entering the port, the view of the whitewashed Chora of Naxos, the Old Town, the Castle and its impressive Portara, the marble gate of Apollo’s Temple, offer the most welcoming setting. The main bus station is located at the port of Naxos, from where you may visit Naxos beautiful beaches and villages.

Naxos Island offers the magic combination of the endless sandy beaches, high mountains, traditional villages and archaeological sites. On the mountains you can explore the Naxian villages which are spread all around the island. Graphic small towns with marble paths, Cycladic architecture will turn speechless even the most demanding visitor. Don’t miss the marble village Aperanthos, Halki the first capital of Naxos, Filoti, the biggest village of Naxos and the old town Koronos. Don’t leave Naxos Island before visiting its archaeological monuments, like the Temple of Demetra and the two statues of Kouros in Melanes and Apollonas village. For the true lovers of Naxos summer holidays, the island is well known for its sandy beaches with the clear crystal waters.

Whatever you dream for your holidays in Greece, whatever you could possibly wish to have at your vacations in Cyclades, in Naxos Island you will find your place that fulfills each desire and expectation. Book your Ferry tickets and Travel to Naxos!


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